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People, ideas, resources, demands can cross each other

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What you can achieve with us


Come up with a great Idea, create your Project and start your journey! Build your kick-ass team and turn your idea together into a successful business. Attract investors, incubators and attractors to your project, or join forces with other Enterprise Partners with benefits for all parties.


Join other companies and projects, search for new ideas, get some inspiration. Browse among the projects and choose the one or more you would like to work on and conquer the world together. 

Enterprise Partners

Find young, talented teams and work on innovations together. Create your own Challenge and design a number of new ideas. Support a Team in their own project, provide them with a maker place, tools or anything that you can assist with and gain an edge on your competitors.

Incubators, Accelerators

Reach out to several Ideas and teams in numerous sectors, in different business phases easily and comfortably. Get in touch with those you are interested in, support them and take them to the next level.

Venture Capitals

Develop your own portfolio by having access to great ideas with a proper business and financial plan and a well-built team. Choose those projects that are truly worthy of your investment, get in touch and take the next steps.

Who we are?

(A long story short.)

In 2018 some enthusiasts came together to create something unique for the growing start-up culture in Central and Eastern Europe. We have experienced the problems from the inside and have seen many challenges for the different stakeholders:

Individuals with great Ideas, who cannot start their business, because they don’t know how, or can’t find the right people to build a Team together.

Investors, Incubators, Accelerators, for whom it’s hard finding the best projects, with a team and a proper business plan for their available investments and resources.

Enterprises, who can hardly find creative and innovative people to work on their challenges or find the innovations of their sectors to gain an advantage over the other competitors.

So, we created Sciencer to bring all these people and companies together, into one place and provide them with an easier, more flexible and more dynamic way to cooperate and create something amazing together.

People behind the project

Klára Katona-Dobos

CEO, Advisor and Founder of Sciencer, Managing Director of IQ-PROFIT Management LLC. 10+ years of experience as an advisor of start-ups.

Gergely Romhány

Advisor and Founder, CEO of TrustChain Systems LLC. 10+ years of experience in business development and company management

László Sinkovicz

Business Development Manager of Sciencer and Marketing Specialist. Can do handstand-pushups.


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