About us

We brought Sciencer to life with the aim to create something unique and innovative for the fast-growing entrepreneur culture. We have experienced the challenges from the inside, saw the problems, but no solutions that can fit its dynamic and ever-changing lifestyle.

Klára Katona-Dobos
Founder, CEO

“I used to advise start-ups often and during these years I saw those pain-points, of which they could get rid off  . I am sure, that Sciencer is one of the best solutions to do this.”

Gergely Romhány

“As someone who runs a start-up himself as CEO, and is a member of a “traditional” one, I see how all these firms would benefit from this platform. It’s time to bring the firms and ‘young guns’ into a common field to see the advantages of the cooperation.”

Álmos Mikesy

“I’ve been working for Hiventures, one of the most active European early-stage investor for over 3 years now, so as one who sees things from the investors’ side, I really think Sciencer is something that this ecosystem needs.”

László Sinkovicz
BD Manager

“Me joining was a real Sciencer-moment. Gergő and Klári were looking for someone, who can be fully committed to their idea and interested in the innovations. I was sold after the first word, and I am still in love.”


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