About Us

A long story short:

Why did we create Sciencer?

In 2018 some enthusiasts came together to create something unique for the fast-growing start-up culture in Central and Eastern Europe.

We have experienced the problems from inside, have seen many challenges for the different stakeholders:

Individuals with great Ideas,
who cannot start their business, because they don’t know how or can’t find others to build a Team together.

Investors, Incubators, Accelerators,
for whom it’s hard to find the best projects, with a team and a proper business plan for their available investments and resources.

who can hardly find creative and innovative people to work on their challenges or find the innovations of their sectors to have an advantage over the competitors.

That’s why we created Sciencer to bring all these people and companies together, into one place and provide them with an easier, more flexible and more dynamic way for cooperation to create something amazing together.