12 ways to improve employee satisfaction

High levels of employee happiness in the workplace help to avoid employee burnout and keep employees motivated to excel in their roles. Most companies have no problem understanding the concept of employee satisfaction, but many struggle to see why it’s so important and how to keep employee satisfaction high.

Whether you’re looking to reduce turnover and retain your top talent, or you’re looking to recruit new talent to the company, prioritizing employee satisfaction is a key factor in doing so.

With employees reevaluating what is important to them in both their personal and professional lives, low levels of employee job satisfaction can have some pretty detrimental effects on a business.


Why Is Employee Satisfaction So Important? 

Employee satisfaction is important because it has a direct impact on a company’s bottom line. If you have high levels of employee satisfaction, you’ll likely see reduced turnover rates because you’re able to retain your employees.

Happy employees are much more likely to take pride in their work and feel a strong sense of loyalty to the company and its core values. Employee satisfaction can also increase productivity levels at work and quality of work output.


Ways To Keep Employee Satisfaction High

1. Celebrate Employee Milestones

Whether it’s a 1 year work anniversary, a 10 year anniversary, or a birthday, make that employee feel special and valued by celebrating them and their contributions to the company.

2. Recognize Employees for Their Work

Nobody likes feeling overlooked or underappreciated, especially dedicated employees. Consider different ways to reward your employees or implement employee appreciation days so that your team consistently feels recognized for their hard work.

3. Reward Employees for High Performance

Of course, it’s important that every employee feels valued, but be sure that your top performers are being recognized and rewarded for going above and beyond in their roles. Whether it’s a small appreciation gift or an online shout-out, rewarding your high performers is a great way to motivate employees and keep employee satisfaction levels elevated.

4. Promote Social Connection

Social connection is not just an employee engagement initiative, it also creates more satisfied employees as well. Colleagues who genuinely like and respect each other are more likely to be happier with their jobs and encourage one another during challenging work situations.

5. Provide a Roadmap to Growth

It’s crucial to have a clear roadmap to growth for each and every one of your employees. Career roadmaps help employees visual their career development and should be based on that individual’s skills, expertise, and interests.

6. Implement a Flexible Work Schedule

Times have certainly changed in the past 2 years. Gone are the days where companies expect employees to come into the office 5 days a week and sit at their desks from 9 to 5. Instead, companies have realized the importance of remote work and flexible work schedules, particularly as it relates to employee job satisfaction.

7. Create a Transparent Culture

A transparent work culture creates an environment where employees are comfortable communicating and exchanging ideas without fear of being unheard or dismissed. A transparent culture allows employees to be informed and involved in company decisions that affect their everyday work lives.

8. Prioritize Wellness

With so much going on in our personal and professional lives, it’s far too easy to neglect our own well-being. Prioritizing your own and your employee’s wellness is essential to keeping job satisfaction levels high.

9. Empower Employees to Make Decisions

Empower your employees to voice their opinions, enact change, and make decisions in the workplace.

10. Cultivate a Positive Work Environment

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘toxic workplace.’ Unfortunately, it’s far too common for companies to drop the ball when it comes to creating a positive work environment for their employees. In order to boost employee engagement and reduce turnover, it’s crucial to cultivate a positive work environment where employees are comfortable and treated with respect.

11. Encourage Creativity

“Because that’s how we’ve always done it” isn’t exactly a smart way to conduct business. Instead, embrace change and encourage creativity in your employees.

12. Survey Your Employees for Honest Feedback & Suggestions

You may think you’re killing it when it comes to employee satisfaction, but what better way to confirm that than asking your employees how they feel? Surveying your employees for their candid feedback and suggestions is a vital step in measuring employee engagement.

Source: Alexys Esparza

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